I converted a used JDM C56 transmission from a Celica GT to work in an MR2 Spyder

First, I had to identify the Toyota 1ZZ/C5x JDM transmission to confirm it was a match.

Steps to convert Celica GT transmission to work in an MR2 Spyder:

  • Locked the transmission
  • Removed 5th gear using a modified tool
  • Removed the cup seal from the original shifter shaft (which goes out the wrong side). Plugged the hole using a "sidewalk bolt".
  • Installed new longer gearing (C56 Corolla xxx ratio instead of the stock .8?? ratio)
  • Sealed it up with Permatex gasket maker
  • tapped the shaft bushing all the way to the other end to match the location it was in in the MR2 transmission
  • Installed new axle shaft seals

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